In 1935 he opened a shop specialized in men's shirts in the center of Barcelona. In 1980 a new family generation opened an establishment called Barbas, which was a true revolution in the sector thanks to an innovative image and a selection of high-end products. Years later, it was decided to abandon the Barbas brand to focus on the "Carlos Torrents" brand. Over the years, it has positioned itself as a benchmark for men's fashion in Barcelona in the best shopping spots in the city. In 2015, it was decided to use the Barbas brand with the aim of relaunching a proximity brand and with the experience of having knowledge of the needs of our clients.

The Barbas collection is made up of garments that combine a basic and at the same time contemporary style, which provide comfort and an impeccable image. In short, they are practical, pleasant and quality garments, all designed in Spain, Portugal and Italy. We are addressing a current man, who likes to dress in basic garments to be able to combine them according to the moment, obtaining an informal urban image or a more sporty one. Our philosophy is to offer quality products at a reasonable price, with personalized attention for a customer with judgment and knowledge of quality.


The launch of each collection closes a cycle that begins on the design table and with the selection of materials, and ends when our consumers wear the garments we design and manufacture. At Barbas we understand fashion from a global point of view that leads us to define collections always with the aim of offering a total look. Shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, coats, parcas, sweaters ... are the true essence of our stores. Garments that are the best example of Barbas' experience in the fashion world and that season after season renew our commitment to quality, care and passion for clothes and the people who wear them. On our website you will find a selection of garments that are also available in our stores.